Social Soccer Cup & Fair Employment

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Social Soccer Cup & Fair Employment

V sklopu projekta se bomo z udeleženci v okviru izobraževalnega modula šport & kultura udeležili mednarodnega dogodka. Social Soccer Cup je projekt, ki povezuje več kot 16 narodov in je namenjen na rob odrinjenim mladim in ranljivim skupinam.

O poteku tekmovanja si preberite v nadaljevanju teksta (v angleščini):


A total of 16 teams from 9 (!) Nations will play against each other in four groups of four. The first two of each group will go into the quarter-finals, the third and fourth of each group play in places of 9 to 16.

EVERY TEAM IS ALREADY GUARANTEED SIX GAMES – no matter how good or bad. Please also be aware of this, especially for those teams who are traveling from far countries, it will be a pity if one or the other game fails.

The game is played with 5 + 1 if the team has a girl or 4 + 1 if not. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT, THAT ONLY PLAYERS WHO WERE BORN AFTER 1.1.1999 ARE ENTITLED TO PLAY.

We ask you to bring your ID cards with you to avoid long discussions.  The tournament starts at 10:00. WE ASK YOU TO BE THERE AT 9:15 AM AT THE SPORTS GROUND IN 8112 GRATWEIN TO BE ABLE TO START ON TIME AND TO KEEP UP THE SCHEDULE.

The Victory Ceremony is set at 5pm, please plan your time until then (even if you leave earlier). It will really pay off as this year, there are trophies and signed jerseys from various football players and clubs for all teams.