Lecture Roma youngsters: music creation

This week I had my first experience with Roma youngsters. I prepared a lecture that was about creating music. The challenge for the participant was that through English interaction and teamwork, we would combine Balkan and Roma music with modern dance music. We used an online app to create a melody. With this lecture/workshop we would achieve several goals.

The first one is to develop English skills. Thanks to informal learning, teamwork and English interaction, participants will be constantly engaged in dialogue. Due to conversations they will organically improve their English, which is necessary. English is a world language and it gets more important day by day. By improving their English skills, they will have a bigger chance in the process of (social) inclusion and they will also improve their self-confidence.
The second is the aspect of experimenting and creating. Self-development is one of the key points of finding your identity. Every youngster has his own way of finding his identity. As a youth worker, it’s important to give them chances of finding those ways. Through informal learning they received the opportunity to develop artistic talents and improving themselves.

The first lecture was a great success. The youngster was intrigued and interested in the idea of combining different elements of music. A fact is that a lot of youngsters listen to music, so why not use this chance? Music is a big part of the environment of youngsters, so a workshop/lecture dealing with it will get their attention. In the process of creation I noticed some remarkable curiosity. There was a big “drive” to keep on going. Exploring all of the different elements of music, the process of trial and error. I really think that the youngster found a way of express himself through art. This looks very promising for the next sessions that we’ll have!

Nicky Cionoiu